Monday, September 15, 2008


Hey guys,

It was really nice meeting all of you, seriously. I didn't get to say enough genuine goodbyes, which hopefully means I will be seeing you again in the future...? I'm assuming everyone made a safe, probably reflective trip home. I returned feeling stimulated and refreshed. Telluride was great. I stayed an extra day, rented a bike and rode it through town along the river trail. Then I attempted to ride up, around, under, behind what I believe was a Forrest Mountain. It was complicated and didn't really pan out. I also caught the "Festival after the Festival" which screened "American Violet" for the 85th time and then "I've Loved You for So Long". I don't often write extensive, rewarding to read film reviews the way you guys have done on this blog so far, but my review: it was soo good, except the music, which was not that good.
I hope you catch it when it hits select cities (my prediction, not a checked fact).

To try to capture my experiences, Ive made a homey baloney video ala "A Private Century" except not as thought provoking or as Czech. I hope it doesn't ruin your memories!
Warm Wishes, jp