Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh, Peter Sellars!

As some of you may already be well aware, I have been gradually updating my own blog with anecdotes and relations of the events from Telluride. Most recently, I wrote a post on Peter Sellars wherein I tried to capture all the little nuggets of wisdom and joy that so captivated us for forty-five minutes of bliss.

So, here's the link.

More than likely, my notes didn't contain all the little gems that came out Sellars' mouth on that day, but I think the short little article accomplishes what I had sought to do from the very start. If you have any other Sellars memories or anecdotes from the Festival, post them here or in the comments section on my blog. Either one will be totally swanky!

On a side note, is anybody up for Telluride in 2009?